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Meet Your Hosts

Ryan Avery

Go from A to THE® with Ryan Avery. At age 24, Ryan set a goal to become the World Champion of Public Speaking within the year. He did. Since then he has delivered more than 500 keynotes in 33 countries and broken numerous world records. Ryan knows how to set and achieve amazing goals. He shares his knowledge and inspirational delivery with Bellevue University students, alumni, partners, and friends. Every Tuesday.

Emily Redinbaugh

Every Tuesday, Emily Redinbaugh delivers her own unique brand of motivation alongside Ryan Avery. With experience spanning the fields of marketing, adult learning and human capital, Emily plays a key role in Bellevue University’s network of 130+ corporate and community college partners. Emily manages and uses content for good — bringing people and ideas together to create real and lasting value. She does this every day. And Tuesday.